Canadian Association of Professional Employees v. Treasury Board

2010 PSLRB 102

  • Before: Michele A. Pineau
  • Decision Rendered: 2010-09-27
  • Original Language: French

Subject terms:

Policy grievance – Interpretation of collective agreement – New classification – Establishment and implementation – Duty to bargain

The parties had set out in the collective agreement that if a new classification were to be established during the term of the collective agreement, the parties would need to negotiate a new pay grid – the bargaining agent filed a grievance alleging that the employer had not respected this provision since a new classification had come into effect but the employer had not negotiated new pay rates – a new classification had in fact been implemented, but the adjudicator held that the provision for negotiating a new pay grid did not apply since the parties had already set out applicable pay rates in the collective agreement when the new classification came into effect – the latter had not been established during the term of the collective agreement.

Grievance denied.