Burden and Cyr v. Parks Canada Agency

2011 PSLRB 94

  • Before: Renaud Paquet
  • Decision Rendered: 2011-07-21
  • Original Language: English

An application for judicial review before the Federal Court has been dismissed (2012 FC 383) (Court file: T-1292-11).

Subject terms:

Grievances referred under section 92 of the Public Service Staff Relations Act – Isolated Post Policy (IPP) – Entitlement while on seasonal layoff

In an earlier decision, an adjudicator decided that the grievors were not entitled to medical reimbursements while on seasonal layoff – at judicial review, the Federal Court ruled that the adjudicator had unreasonably interpreted the IPP – the second adjudicator considered the issue as whether seasonal employees were to be considered as ordinary employees and thus entitled to the same benefits – he ruled that they were so entitled.

Grievances allowed.