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Training on the Roles of the Parties and Representatives in Mediation in the Staffing Complaints Context

The objective of this in person training is to prepare participants to get involved either as a party or as a representative in mediation of a staffing complaint. The purpose of this course is not to train participants to become mediators.

If you are a union representative, a manager, a staffing officer or an HR specialist, this course is for you. Anyone with a responsibility for conflict resolution in staffing matters would benefit from this training.

The session is preceded by a three-hour presentation entitled "Staffing Complaints Process and Decisions - What You Need to Know." This presentation will cover the provisions of the Public Service Employment Act that deal with the staffing complaints that can be presented to the FPSLREB and the decisions concerning questions of procedure and the broad principles emanating from the jurisprudence in relation to staffing complaints.

The mediation training consists of a two-day interactive session where you will be able to develop the basic skills as a party or representative in a mediation. Participants will also examine the nature of conflict and communications problems experienced by people in conflict. Participants will be able to practice these notions through the use of role plays dealing with staffing complaints.

The total duration of the training is two and a half days.

Please note that the number of seats is limited to 25 per session. Registration will be on a "first-come, first-served" basis. Register now for the next sessions. This training is offered by the FPSLREB free of charge.

Please advise us as soon as possible of your need for accommodation measures, which must be taken to enable you to fully participate in the training session.

In Person Training Schedule for 2016-2017
Location Language Date
Ottawa French January 30, 31 and February 1, 2017
Montreal French February 20-22, 2017


Please register online by filling out the Registration Form - In Person Training on the Roles of the Parties and Representatives in Mediation (Staffing Complaints).

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